We offer various innovative projects to schools, from the puppet show “Fire”, to a wide range of Arts & Crafts and drama workshops, combining both puppet making and puppeteering skills. Participants will experiment how to transform an everyday object into an amazing puppet as well as they will bring to life puppets painted on the hands using the voice and manipulation techniques. (For more information see Puppet making and hand puppets workshops). It is very important in our projects that our theatre is not only entertaining but also has educational content. “Fire” is a dramatic adaptation by Babaluva Theatre Company, inspired by the book “Lume” written by Alberto Varela Ferreiro and published by Edición Xerais (Galicia) Spain, 2007. In this groundbreaking Object Theatre project, two puppetteers narrate this story about environmental awareness, recreating a forest and its’ animals with puppets made from recycled objects. Babaluva Theatre Company has performed over 350 shows and played to over 55.000 people. They have performed more than 220 shows in schools all over Spain, collaborating with Grupo Anaya, Spain’s leading educational publisher (www.anaya.es)