In May 2008, after more than 20 years experience of producing puppet shows for children, using various techniques and performing both nationally and internationally, Mirari and Larraitz Urruzola, formed the company Teatro Babaluva. Both in our shows and in the workshops we hold, we plan out strategies, innovating content and fomenting appreciation of beauty to encourage reading and recuperate the oral tradition , disseminate scientific knowledge, raise awareness of the environment, foster attitudes of respect for diversity, formation of individuals and the creation of tolerant, sustainable societies. In our projects we wanted to make the work of women involved in various facets of art visible. Our team, both men and women, is implicated in creating emotions; citizens sensitive to imparting the values of cooperation, respect and social commitment, using the individual language of their creations. After investigating various manipulation techniques, we have specialized in the art of table puppetry where the work of manipulation is done in full view of the public, creating dialogue between puppet-actress-public-actress. This gives us versatility in creating characters and creates a dynamic interaction with the audience. As teachers we offer a variety of workshops dealing with artistic creation and expression, using both theatre and visual arts as tools towards a holistic development of the individual, which favours and encourages imagination, creativity, artistic sensibility and critical thinking.

Larraitz Urruzola Tolosa

Foto de Larraitz


Larraitz is an actress and creator of theatre for children and families since 1989. Self-taught and with many years experience in various professional theatre and puppet companies, she has stood out for her ability to connect and communicate with her public. She dominates several puppet manipulation techniques in both performing arts and visual formats: rod, shadow puppets , foam puppets, string marionettes, black light, glove puppet, table puppets, bunraku, …She offers aesthetic versatility and a varied vocal range and style when developing her roles. As an artist and socio-cultural worker, she conducts workshops using drama as a resource in the formation of the individual. See CV  (PDF)

Mirari Urruzola



Mirari, a sculptor and set designer, is a graduate in Production and Theatre Design, from the School of Art and Design, Croydon College, London. She furthered her studies at The Fine Arts School, London City Lit, and terminated her Masters in “cross-cultural research and creative action” at the London Metropolitan University. As a teacher she holds a variety of art workshops aimed at children, families and teachers. See CV (PDF)